Scholarships & Fellowships can empower your dreams, providing resources to study, conduct research, travel, and become a leader in your chosen career. If you can imagine engaging on this path and intellectual journey, let us help. 

We will introduce you to opportunities, resources, and plenty of practical advice to help you put together a competitive application. The journey may be challenging but nevertheless rewarding! The process takes a significant amount of time, so it is important to start early. And, who knows, you just might win.

Some of these scholarships and fellowships are administered through Lafayette College. We call these “endorsed” opportunities. However, there are a myriad of other opportunities available to enhance your educational and professional experience. When applying for these other scholarships and fellowships, we highly recommend that you share your draft application with us. We will provide you with substantive feedback, enabling you to put together a strong, competitive application.

We here to help

The Office provides support to students and alumni applying for nationally competitive scholarships & fellowships.
The Office administers several prestigious scholarship & fellowship programs that require Lafayette endorsement prior to submission. In addition, the Office assists students applying for programs that do not require endorsement.

Contact Information

Scholarships and Fellowships Office

105 Scott Hall
714 Sullivan Road
Easton, PA 18042