Faculty, you are a very vital piece in the scholarship process. Our goal is to be supportive of your efforts to assist and recognize your students. The Scholarships & Fellowships Office invites you to nominate students, and asks that you let us know of any students who are, or should be, submitting applications for fellowships & scholarships, have received awards, or have otherwise been recognized beyond the College by emailing us through externalscholarships@lafayette.edu.

Our special thanks goes out to the following faculty who graciously devoted their time and efforts to our program as members of the Scholarships & Fellowships Advisory Committee and/or by serving as members of the Goldwater Scholarship campus selection committee or Truman Scholarship mock interviewing committee:

  • David Sunderlin
  • Peter Gildenhuys
  • Margarete Lamb-Faffelberger
  • Rachel Goshgarian
  • Susan Averett
  • Hannah Stewart-Gambino
  • Helena Silverstein
  • Katalin Fabian
  • Lindsay Soh
  • Roxy Swails
  • Trent Gaugler
  • Wayne Leibel
  • Art Kney
If you are interested in serving on our Advisory Committee or on any of our ad hoc selection or interviewing committees, please let us know. We would be delighted to have you join us!