Goldwater Scholarship Campus Application Instructions

Campus Deadline: 11 December 2023

Submit the following materials electronically as documents using the “Submit Materials” tab on our website:

  1. The signed/dated Nomination & Permission Waiver Form
  2. The LC-2023-2024 Goldwater-Campus-Application-Form (submit as a WORD document)
    • Be mindful of the text box character limits
  3. The Goldwater Scholarship Research Essay as described at the end of the Goldwater Campus Application Form (submit as a WORD document)
    • The essay is a research essay of no more than 3 pages, with 1 inch margins and 12-point Ariel font.
    • The 3 page limit includes images, footnotes, bibliography/references.
    • You may work with your research mentors on this essay.
  4. A detailed, fulsome resume or CV
    • The resume/CV should provide details about your research experiences, as well as other activities, including leadership roles, extra- and co-curricular activities, interests, etc.
    • There is no page limit on this detailed resume/CV.
  5. The names, contact information and rationale for your selection of 3 STEM recommenders who can write strongly about your abilities.
  6. Recommendation letters must be submitted by the recommender to Dean Goldberg as WORD attachments.
    • Letters should be signed, on letterhead.
    • Letters cannot exceed 2 pages and adhere to the following formatting: 1 inch margins and 12-point font.
    • Please see: Information for Goldwater Recommenders