Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program Campus Application Instructions

CAMPUS Application Instructions 

Step 1: Register for and begin application (DO NOT SUBMIT through the scholarship’s application management system until told to do so; simply SAVE it. Instead, DO submit materials as described in Step 3 below):

Step 2:  Ask for STRONG Letters of Recommendation. Recommendations are extremely

important for the success of your application!

DO NOT REGISTER your recommenders using the K-H application at this time. This is imperative, because once their names are in the system, they will be asked to submit their letters directly to K-H and will not be able to revise their letters.

You will need 2 letters of recommendation. The recommenders may also be writing a letter for your grad school application to Stanford, but the K-H letter is not concerned with the academic side of you! The K-H letter is very different.

Your recommenders must be able to provide specific examples, anecdotes, and evidence of your ability and determination to make a difference.  In their letters, they will be asked to assess some of your character and leadership traits and to address the following:  

  • Provide an explanation of how the recommender knows and interacts with you (the applicant)
  • Provide a description about a time you (the applicant) did something that benefitted others
  • Provide a description about a time you (the applicant) did something that surprised the recommender
  • Provide an example that talks about a time you (the applicant) faced adversity
  • Include additional information (positive or negative) regarding your leadership experiences and potential as well as your professional competence and personal character.

Recommenders may also want to consider and discuss:

  • How you demonstrate broad interests, sharp insights on complex issues, flexibility of thinking and curiosity about the world, wherever possible, providing specific examples.

Recommenders must submit their draft/preliminary LORs via email as WORD  document attachments to Dean Goldberg at: or Letters must be received by 2nd Friday of September. 

Step 3: Submit the following materials electronically to Dean Goldberg through or using our Submit Materials tab on the website by Last Friday of August.

  • A signed copy of the Lafayette Nomination Permission and Waiver Form
  • The names and contact information of your recommenders as well as a brief rationale for why you asked each to write on your behalf
  • A Detailed resume/CV (can be longer than 1 page)
  • Drafts of your K-H Application Essays: The long and short essays are designed to provide a better sense of who you are, your dreams and aspirations, and how studying at Stanford University as a Knight-Hennessy Scholar will enhance those aspirations. The essays are also intended to showcase your writing and analytical skills.

You may find it helpful to review the 2005 Stanford Commencement address delivered by Steve Jobs prior to writing this essay!

Submit the essays as WORD (do not use Google Docs) documents


If you or your recommenders have any questions about the Knight-Hennessy Scholars program or campus application process, please do not hesitate to contact Dean Goldberg at,, or 610.330.5067.