Marshall Scholarship

RECOMMENDER CAMPUS DEADLINE:  2nd friday of September 
Campus Application Instructions

Step 1: Register for and begin application (DO NOT SUBMIT anything through the on-line application until told to do so by Dean Goldberg; simply SAVE it for yourself.)

  1. Read the advice, etc. on the Marshall Scholarship website
  2. Review the information on the Marshall Partnership Scholarships
  3. Review the Scholarship’s 3 selection criteria
  4. Review the information and advice provided to Marshall Scholarship advisors esp. the audio links found at the bottom of the page
  5. Create an account/application at

Step 2:  Ask for 3 STRONG Letters of Recommendation. Recommendations are extremely important for the success of your Marshall application!

The 3 letters are designated as follows: (1) Preferred; (2) General (who should have taught or supervised you); and (3) Leadership. Two of the 3 letters must come from individuals in the US.

Two of the 3 should be from faculty who are familiar with your academic/intellectual potential and research abilities; 1 letter must also primarily address your leadership and ambassadorial potential.

When selecting your recommenders, be sure to read the information and advice for recommenders as articulated in the link below. Share this information with your recommenders! Letters are limited to 1000 words (excluding contact info and salutation).

Recommenders must submit their draft/preliminary LORs as WORD documents directly to

Dean Goldberg (; by 2nd Friday of September.  

Step 3: YOU will Submit the following materials using the Submit Materials tab to Dean Goldberg by Last Friday of August: 

  • Official transcripts from all institutions attended. Order electronic transcripts sent to yourself not to Dean Goldberg.

If you studied abroad, you will need a copy of your study abroad transcript. If you do not already have one, please order one from your study abroad provider.

  • Signed copy of the Lafayette Nomination Permission and Waiver Form found on our Submit Materials tab
  • Detailed resume/CV ( ideally more than 1 page)
  • The names, email addresses of your recommenders and a brief rationale for their selection
  • Information on your 1st and 2nd choice programs of study and their duration
  • Essays: SUBMIT as WORD (do not use Google Docs) documents! These essays are a mix of short and long interrelated questions designed to get a better sense of who you are, your dreams and aspirations, and how spending time in the UK will enhance those aspirations. You will find that there is some overlap in these questions. [N.B. The questions asked are essentially getting at the same information desired by the Fulbright, Mitchell, Rhodes and most other applications as well as your applications for graduate/professional schools themselves.]

Before writing your essays, keep in mind that Marshall pays particular attention to how well you address their 3 selection criteria: Academic Merit, Leadership Potential, and Ambassadorial Potential.

The essays include:

Personal Statement (750 words):

Describe your intellectual development and other interests and pursuits. This is essentially a statement of your intellectual and career development that illustrates how your various interest come together to form a picture of who you are and how they have shaped your vision of your future. It is not a narrative rendition of your resume but more a story of your journey.

Proposed Academic Program/s of Study (500 words):

Describe your proposed academic program/s of study in the UK, giving reasons for your program selection/s. If you plan to complete a research degree (research master’s or PhD) include a description of your proposed research (outline) as well as with whom you would like to work. You should also include a brief outline explaining why you have chosen your second choice institution/s and course/s of study.

    How COVID 19 Impacted You (150 words):

    In what unique ways has the COVID 19 pandemic affected you and your candidacy for the Marshall Scholarship.

Post Scholarship Plan (150 words):

Describe your plans immediate plans upon completion of your Marshall Scholarship and why the years spent in the UK completing your course/s of study will enhance those plans. As well as describing your plans for employment or further study, you should indicate how you would develop ongoing connections with the UK through your UK institution/s and program/s of study as well as through other contacts you propose to make while in the UK. You should also include a brief statement of your future career plans.

Leadership Example (500 words):

Describe a situation in which you were working with a group of people and recognized and responded to a need for leadership. The objective is to help the Committee understand your leadership conviction and drive, style and potential rather than provide a list of achievements, even if the leadership you undertook was not as successful as you may have wished.  When answering this question, please consider the Marshall Commission’s criteria on Leadership Potential found at

Ambassadorial Potential (500 words):

Explain why you want to undertake your studies in the UK, and in what particular ways you think you will benefit personally and professionally from the experience. You should discuss how work in your field of study (including your own research) can enhance the USA-UK relationship. You should further explain what you might do to contribute to improved relations in this area now and following your scholarship. When answering this question, please consider the Marshall Commission’s criteria on Ambassadorial Potential found at


If you or your recommenders have any questions about the Marshall Scholarship or campus application process, please do not hesitate to contact Dean Goldberg at,, or 610.330.5067.