Schwarzman Scholars Program

CAMPUS DEADLINE: Last Friday of August 
RECOMMENDER CAMPUS DEADLINE: 2nd friday of September
Applicants from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macao, regardless of where they attended university or reside, will officially apply in the spring prior of their applicant year (earlier than the fall application deadline noted above) with a campus application  deadline of the 1st Monday of May.
CAMPUS Application Instructions (3 steps) 

Follow the instructions below! Since you will be revising your application complete the essays (there are 3 of them) as WORD documents off-line (see Step 3). DO NOT submit them through the official Schwarzman on-line application until Dean Goldberg tells you to do so.

This also holds true for your recommenders (see Step 2). We do not want LORs uploaded to the application system UNTIL you are given the “go ahead” from the Campus Evaluation Committee. This is very important as your application will change over time, and once a letter is electronically submitted to Schwarzman it cannot be revised! That said, do not register the names of your recommenders using the Schwarzman on-line application at this time. This will avoid potential problems.

Step 1: Access/initiate Schwarzman’s on-line application:

The application link is:

You may work on the application, but DO NOT SUBMIT anything through the application management system at this time. Simply SAVE it to yourself! This is important. Instead, DO submit materials to us at External Scholarships as described below:

Step 2:  Ask for 3 STRONG Letters of Recommendation. Recommendations are extremely important for the success of your Schwarzman application!

You will need 3 letters of recommendation as follows:

  • If you are a current student or recent graduate, 2 of the LORs must come from faculty who have taught you and can speak to your academic abilities.
  • One of the 3 letters must come from someone who can discuss in some detail your leadership potential.

All recommenders are asked:

  • To describe your personal characteristics and experiences that will contribute to your potential to take on leadership roles in the future.
  • To describe your intellectual and academic abilities.
  • How you demonstrate broad interests, sharp insights on complex issues, flexibility of thinking and curiosity about the world, wherever possible, providing specific examples.

Recommenders should email their draft LORs as WORD attachments directly to Dean Goldberg ( by the 2nd Friday of September.

Step 3:  Submit the following materials using the Submit Materials tab on our website or as email attachments to by Last Friday of August:

  • A Signed copy of the Lafayette “Nomination Permission and Waiver Form
  • The names and contact information of your 3 recommenders as well as a brief description of why you have asked each to write on your behalf
  • A detailed resume/CV (may be more than 1 page)
  • The 2 longer essays and 2 short essays. These essays must be submitted as WORD documents. Do not submit as PDFs or as Google Docs.
  • Transcripts: You will need to provide official transcripts from all institutions attended. If you studied abroad, obtain a copy of that transcript from your study abroad provider. Order electronic transcripts sent to yourself. Do not have them sent to Dean Goldberg.

You can access a sample of the application from the Schwarzman website. The website also has links to YouTube videos.


If you or your recommenders have any questions about the Schwarzman Scholars program or campus application process, please do not hesitate to contact Dean Goldberg at,, or 610.330.5067.