• Some scholarships will request a telephone, Skype, or in-person interview
  • The formality and length of the interview will be dictated by the scholarship foundation
  • Interviews explore “the limits” of your knowledge as well as your communication and critical thinking skills

To prepare for the interview:

  • Engage in mock interviews
  • Read about others’ interviewing experience and talk to others who have been through similar interviews
  • Review your application and know the material well
  • Prepare a list of points you want to make
  • Develop a list of possible questions and practice your answers out loud
  • Be prepared to answer questions concerning current events or questions drawn from general areas/themes within your field of study
  • Prepare to answer questions regarding your extracurricular interests, books you’ve read, etc.

During the interview:

  • Think before you speak; ask for needed clarification, and don’t second guess what you think your interviewers want to hear
  • Treat the interview like a conversation between two or more individuals intersted in a common goal
  • Relax and try to enjoy yourself