Campus Application Deadline: December 13th

Before submitting your campus application, please be sure to read over the extensive application advice available on the Truman website, this includes their Notes to Candidates, Guidance for Letters of Recommendation, Advice & Guidance (which also includes samples of effective and ineffective responses and Policy Proposal tips). By following the substantive advice provided, and reviewing your application in light of the Nominee Rating Form used by the Truman Foundation when reviewing applications to determine which candidates to invite for an interview, you will be able to put together a strong, competitive application.

Submit the following electronically using our External Scholarships “Submit Materials” tab:

1.  Nomination & Permission Waiver form (signed and dated)

2. A completed Truman Scholarship application including the Policy Proposal

  • To access the OFFICIAL application form, email our office with your desire to apply for the Truman. Dean Goldberg will REGISTER you with the Truman Foundation, who will email you with the link to the application.
  • Alternatively, complete and submit Truman’s SAMPLE application form

3. A detailed CV/resume (no page limit)

4. The names and email addresses of the 3 individuals who have agreed to write you strong letters of recommendation. There are 3 different letters of recommendation. Review the 3 different types of letters (described below) before selecting your recommenders. Make sure each recommender understands what has to be covered in the letter your recommender will be writing! This is important. However, while each letter should address the criteria requested by the particular letter type, it is acceptable for the letter to discuss the other criteria in addition to the one assigned.

IMPORTANT: Your recommenders must submit their letters of recommendation electronically as WORD attachments to Dean Goldberg. Recommenders are not able to upload their letters into your application. Only Dean Goldberg may do so. Before requesting your letters of recommendation, be sure to read over, and share with your recommenders, the Truman Foundation’s Guidance for Letters of Recommendation as well as our Truman Scholarship Letters of Recommendation Types & Tips.

  • Leadership Abilities & Potential:  “Please confirm and elaborate on the leadership example the candidate described in Item 7 on the Application. Please address the candidate’s personal characteristics (confidence, persuasiveness, diligence, conviction, vitality, poise, and so forth) which you feel contribute to the candidate’s leadership abilities.”
  • Commitment to a Career in Public Service: “Please discuss the candidate’s suitability with particular emphasis on commitment to a career in public service. Describe a significant contribution made by the candidate through one or more public service, community or government-related activities. Please address the candidate’s values, interests, goals, and/or ambitions which represent commitment to a career in government or elsewhere in the public service.”
  • Intellect & Prospects for Continuing Academic Success:  “Please discuss the candidate’s suitability with particular emphasis on academic scholarship, intellectual capabilities, and prospects for success in graduate school. Discuss the candidate’s intelligence, academic performance, analytical abilities, and other characteristics which you think contribute to success in graduate school.”