Campus deadline: 20 December 2023

Program Overview & Benefits

  • For information regarding the Gaither Junior Fellows Program as well as the   health, salary, moving expenses and other benefits provided visit our Program Overview page.


  • Applicants are accepted only from graduating seniors or from the previous year’s graduates who have not already started graduate studies.
  • There are no citizenship, GPA, or major/minor requirements.
  • Applicants should have completed a significant amount of coursework related to their discipline of interest.
  • Language and other skills may be required or recommended for certain assignments (these are listed next to the essay topics associated with each program)

Application Process:

Electronically submit the following using the “Submit Materials” tab on our website by 20 december 2023.
Remember, along with your application, you will need to submit the Nomination & Permission waiver form located in the Submit materials tab.

(1)  Complete the Nomination & Permission Waiver Form

(2)  Personal Essay: 1 page or less, double-spaced) on why you would like to become a Junior Fellow. The personal essay should add to what is apparent in the resume/CV. It must be well

(3)  Resume/CV: 1 – 2 pages (preferred), include details of research and relevant work experience

(4)  Recommenders: Provide us with the names of 2 recommenders who have agreed to write you strong, highly supportive letters of recommendation. Please note: recommendation letters will be due no later than 27 December

  • LORs may come from any appropriate individual.
  • Both LORs must speak to your research, critical thinking, communicative and teamwork skills, knowledge of the topic/issues as well as how you can contribute to the Junior Fellows Program.

(4a) Please share the following information with your recommenders:

  • LORs must be strong, and highly supportive. They must speak to you research, critical thinking, communicative & teamwork skills, knowledge of the topic/issues and how you can contribute to the Junior Fellows Program.
  • LORs must be on letterhead and signed.
  • LORs should be addressed to the James C. Gaither Junior Fellows Program.
  • LORs must NOT be sent directly to CEIP! They must be submitted as electronic attachments (via email) or as hard copies to Dean Goldberg at or 105 Scott Hall.
  • LORs should arrive by 27 December 2023

(5)  Select just one essay topic from the Gaither Junior Fellows Program Topic Essay List.  This essay is restricted to 3 pages, double-spaced. Please read over the topics/essays carefully including the program area’s statement on preferred or required background/skills.

  • A list of this year’s Program Areas and their preferred or required background/skills sought for each can be found here.
  • The topic essay is the most critical component of your application. The essay is intended to test your skills in analysis, logic, and written expression. The essay is an analytical “thought piece” not a research paper. It is like the op-ed pieces you might find in the NYT, Economist, Washington Post, WSJ, or other relevant quality policy or international affairs publication. Footnotes are not required; if you absolutely feel the need to include footnotes/references, keep them to the minimum. What is important is that the essay be clearly articulated and well argued. To get a better sense of what CEIP is looking for, you may want to “do research” on the CEIP website for models of short essays written by CEIP fellows.
    • Check out the sample essays from successful CEIP applicants on our Program Overview page.
  • Select a topic related to your primary research program interests. (Please note: CEIP may ultimately select an applicant for a program outside of his/her designated primary interest or have the Jr Fellow assigned to more than one program.)
  • You must include your name as a header on each page of your essay.
  • 2023-2024 CEIP Program Topic Essay List