Fulbright Student Grants Campus Application Instructions

(English Teaching Assistantships; Study/Research Grants; Fulbright-Nat Geo Fellowships)
As you consider applying:
CAMPUS Application Instructions (6 steps)

Follow the instructions below! Since you will be revising your application, complete the essays (Personal Statement and Statement of Grant Purpose) as WORD documents off-line (see Step 6). Do NOT submit them to the official Fulbright on-line application until Dean Goldberg tells you to do so.

This also holds true for your recommenders (see Step 3). We do not want LORs uploaded to the Fulbright electronic application system UNTIL you are given the “go ahead” from the Campus Evaluation Committee. This is very important as your application will change over time, and once a letter is electronically submitted through Embark (the official application), it cannot be revised!

Step 1:  Access/initiate Fulbright’s on-line application:

VERY IMPORTANT: You may work on the application but DO NOT submit it to us using the on-line system at this time! Simply SAVE it to yourself. AND remember, DO NOT write in the names of recommenders at this time!!!!

Step 2:  Work OFF-LINE on the essays (see Step 6).

Step 3:  Obtain 3 STRONG Letters of Recommendation. LORs are an extremely important component of your application.

When requesting letters of recommendation, do not do so using the on-line application system at this time! As noted earlier, if recommenders use the on-line system their letters cannot be revised nor can you request different letters. Keep in mind that you may change your country of destination or you may alter or change your program type (e.g., decide that you want to teach English or engage in research or pursue a special opportunity) but had previously request a letter for a different country or different program and now have to terminate that application in order to reflect that change and “stop” the letter from being uploaded to your “new” application. Keeping the letter requests out of the system at this time affords you considerable flexibility!

  • There are different types of letters of recommendation: The requirements for each differ as will the individuals from whom you request those letters. It is very important that you read over the letter or recommendation advice for the type of award you are pursuing and to share that information with your selected recommenders.
  • Recommenders should email their LORs directly to Dean Goldberg (goldbeja@lafayette.edu) as email attachments by 2nd Friday of September.
  • Letters may be DRAFT/Preliminary letters at this time. As you refine your application, your recommenders may want to revise their letters to reflect those revisions. They can only do so if their letter has not been officially uploaded into your on-line application. This is yet another reason why you should not submit recommender names into the on-line application until we give you permission to do so.
  • When Dean Goldberg tells you to do so, include the name/email address of your recommenders in your Embark application. After you do so, your recommenders will receive electronic notification from the Fulbright application manager instructing them to electronically submit their letter to your official application.

Step 4:  Acquire Affiliation Letters of support from appropriate individual/s, as necessary, according to the host country and type of application for which you are applying.

Although we do not need affiliation letters for the campus application, you will/may need them for your official application. Don’t wait until the last minute to request/obtain those letters! If you still aren’t sure about your specific topic/project or host country, request/obtain letters to cover your options. Think and plan strategically!

  • Fulbright will not accept email correspondence in lieu of affiliation letters! The letters must be on letterhead and signed. If the letter is not written in English, you must include a translation of that letter to accompany the original.
  • If you have any questions about these letters of affiliation, contact Dean Goldberg.

Step 5:  Fulbright Language Evaluation, as needed, for your host country.

Please note: We do not need the Foreign Language Evaluation for our Campus Application at this time. Nevertheless, if you know that you are going to need a language evaluation, it is important to have an evaluator lined up and the evaluation complete by the end of September.

Step 6:  Submit the following materials to Dean Goldberg by LAST FRIDAY OF AUGUST:

Submit as WORD (do not use Google Docs)attachments using the “Submit Materials” tab on our website:

  1. Your Country and Program Choice.
  2. A comprehensive, detailed Resume/CV (may be 2+ pages) – don’t be shy; the Campus Committee uses this information throughout the application process. As such it is a very useful component of your campus application.
  3. A 1 page (single spaced) Personal Statement appropriate for your application type.
  4. A Statement of Grant Purpose (single spaced) appropriate in content and length for your application type.
  5. Names and email addresses of at least 3 individuals who have agreed to write you STRONG letters of recommendation as well as a brief explanation for why you have asked that person to write on your behalf.

Submit as PDF attachment or as hard copy to 105 Scott Hall:

  1. Signed copy of the Lafayette “Nomination Permission and Waiver Form” found at our Submit Material tab (https://externalscholarships.lafayette.edu/submit-materials/)

Obtain OFFICIAL copy of all transcripts including those from your study abroad provider (if you studied abroad). Order electronic transcripts for yourself. Do NOT have them sent to Dean Goldberg. 

REMEMBER: Do NOT list your recommenders on the electronic application until Dean Goldberg tells you to do so! This is important!!

Questions: If you or your recommenders, language evaluators, or those writing letters of affiliation have any questions about the Fulbright Student Grant or campus application process, please do not hesitate to contact Dean Goldberg at goldbeja@lafayette.edu, externalscholarships@lafayette.edu, or 610.330.5067.