The Future Global Leaders Fellowship annually selects the world’s top first-generation university students and, over the course of a 3-year program, primes them for induction into the Fortis Society – the world’s first private network of diverse leaders committed to one another’s success and to a better world.


The Fellowship is open to first-year students from humble backgrounds who have demonstrated high resilience and academic excellence. Applicants must aspire to become powerful global leaders. The program provides FGL Fellows with invaluable opportunities designed to develop their ability to act as a change agent regardless of academic interests and career goals.

As an FGL Fellow, the summer following your first year of college you will participate in a leadership institute. You will also be assigned a personal mentor for three years. This mentor will coach you and provide personal insights into what it takes to reach your goals. Lastly, as a FGL Fellow you will participate in a top-tier internship abroad (i.e., outside of their country of birth, heritage, and residence). Fellows have previously secured internships in 30+ countries at companies like Goldman Sachs, Facebook, Google, UN, Grameen Bank, BNP Paribas, US Embassies, Clinton Foundation, etc. Fellows will receive customized coaching and funding to cover internship costs not met by the host company/scholarships.


Applicants must be first-year students and must fit the following eligibility criteria:

  1. First-Generation or Low-Income Student (i.e., students who do not have a family history of higher education, and/or who come from a low-income background)
  2. Track Record of Academic Excellence obtained throughout high school and during the first months of the current school year.
  3. Proven Leadership Abilities as demonstrated through self-started initiatives and ventures, or leadership in their schools or communities.
  4. There are no citizenship requirements

Interested in applying? View the Campus Application Instructions.