There are two categories of prestigious scholarships and fellowships available to students:

  1. Endorsed (those programs that require Lafayette’s institutional endorsement prior to submission)
  2. Other (those programs to which students apply directly to the scholarship program itself)

In both instances, awards are often substantial, and recipients and finalists are held in high esteem by educational institutions and employers.

Endorsed Scholarships

There are a limited number of scholarships requiring students to submit a preliminary application to screening committees at Lafayette prior to official submission. They include a wide array of undergraduate and postgraduate opportunities including:

  • study abroad
  • outstanding performance or dedication to particular fields of study
  • graduate/professional school funding
  • professional development

Here’s what you should know:

  • Lafayette College has an application process that must be followed
  • the Graduate and Fellowship Advisory Committee (GAFA) works as a team to identify and prepare endorsed candidates
  • only endorsed applicants may fill out the official application found on the scholarship’s website
  • in order to be considered, applicants must fill out and submit our Nomination Permission and Waiver Form with their campus scholarship application

Double click on the individual programs listed alphabetically below for more information regarding:

  • the scholarship,
  • selection and eligibility criteria,
  • campus application instructions, and
  • sample application essays.
Beinecke Scholarship (for graduate school funding) Juniors
Boren Scholarship (for study abroad) Freshmen through Seniors
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace – Junior Fellows Program (for professional development) Seniors & Recent Graduates (open citizenship)
Fulbright Student Grants (for study/research abroad, teaching English, professional development, etc.) Seniors & Graduates
Gilman International Scholarship (for study abroad) Freshmen through Seniors
Goldwater Scholarship (for outstanding performance in STEM fields) Sophomores & Juniors
Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program (for graduate study at Stanford University) Seniors & Graduates (open citizenship)
Marshall Scholarship (for graduate study in the UK) Seniors & Recent Graduates
Mitchell Scholarship (for graduate study in Republic of Ireland ) Seniors & Graduates
Rhodes Scholarship (for study at Oxford University) Seniors & Graduates (see website for citizenship eligibility)
Schwarzman Scholars Program (for graduate study in China) Seniors & Recent Graduates (open citizenship)
Truman Scholarship (for students planning to “make a difference”) Juniors
Udall Scholarship (for students engaged in environmental or tribal concerns) Sophomores & Juniors
NCAA Graduate Scholarship (for athletes going to graduate school) Seniors (open citizenship)

 Other Scholarships

For the majority of these scholarships, students apply directly to the  scholarship program itself.  The Fellowships Office does not need to be involved in the application process, unless otherwise specified.  However, we highly recommend that students contact us for assistance and possible feedback on their application/s prior to submission. (If you find programs of interest, please let us know if you apply and the outcome of your application.)

The Sample List of Programs provides a sample listing of postgraduate opportunities–some open to any citizenship, some restricted, some require Lafayette endorsement (for those, follow the instructions as detailed above). Among the list are those programs open to any discipline, some are specific to STEM, some specific for international affairs/foreign service oriented careers, etc. Remember, this is simply a very small sampling of some of our most popular programs relevant to rising seniors, seniors, and recent graduates.

The following are some extensive data bases of different scholarships, fellowships, competitive internships, etc. 

Scholarships for International Students


**This portion of the page is currently under construction. Please contact Dean Goldberg ( for information on these “other scholarship” opportunities.**